Civava Papillon


Zo skusenosti môjho známeho, ktorý bol podvedený a bolo mu predané šteniatko s PP ,ktoré v skutočnosti PP nemá som sa rozhodol. Moje chovné psiky budu mat DNA genotyp ,aby sa v buducnosti dalo potvrdit ,že tieto psiky su aj rodičmi mojich šteniatok.Dufam, že sa taketo potvrdenia stanu bežnou sučastou a prispeje to k zlepšeniu chovu na Slovensku


Tak a máme zas novú čivavu!!!! Z jednej nevinnej návštevy, na ktorú som išiel s mojou známou p. Kánátovou do ch. s. Zitusch som si domov priniesol Lili. Túto mladú krátkosrstú fenku som tam uvidel a jednoducho som bez nej už nechcel odísť. Ďakujem Zitke za dôveru a za krásnu Lillien Zitusch.


Dnes k nám z ďalekého Ruska pricestoval nový psík GOLUBOYE TANGO INSIDE DOUBLE EXPLOSION Ďekujeme chovateľke Elene Nikolajeve za tohto krásneho psíka a tiež naša veľká vďaka patrí chovateľkám, ktoré nám ho pomohli dopraviť na Slovensko.

About Chihuahua dogs

The Chihuahua holds the record for being the smallest breed of dog, as recognized by most kennel clubs and pet authorities, with its name coming from the namesake Mexico state. There has been a lot of research done into their history, mostly with the goal of understanding their very small size. The scientific consensus is that they are descendants of the breed Techichi, which was a popular companion dog by the Toltec civilization in Mexico.

Why we love Chihuahua breed

There are two main lines of Chihuahua dogs; The Smooth Coat, long haired variety and the other being the Long Coat. For people who like the breed, both lines have their different attractions, and are equally easy to take care of. That has contributed significantly with the popularity that Chihuahuas have attained in society today, like Berlin escorts.

When you have a date with an escort like those on, you might find out that she owns a Chihuahua in the course of your discussions. This should not surprise you, because apart from being very beautiful ladies, they also have caring and compassionate personalities, which make them very suited to tend to you after a tiring period of time at work. Also, since you can check the website for the particular model that you want to spend time with, it will be possible for you to pick one with whom you share certain hobbies, including the love for pets like Chihuahuas. This will be a great conversation starter when you meet with the escort Berlin for the first time, giving you a lot of interesting things to talk about.

Chihuahuas are generally very small, with features like their big heads and eyes making them cute and very attractive as pets. Apart from their appearance, they mostly have a very good temperament, being very cuddly and friendly. This has also contributed to their popularity, especially among female pet owners. They are very active, so you will be able to enjoy their company without getting bored of them, just like the Berlin escorts from They are also very loyal to their owners and people taking care of them, so you will not have to fear them running away at any point in time.

One very important factor that could make or mark your entire experience with Chihuahuas is the way they are raised. If left on their own, they will often develop a bad temperament and become antisocial, biting any person who comes too close. When at this stage, it is important to keep in mind that despite how cute they are, Chihuahuas still need to be trained like other dogs.

Many owners often ignore this and continue to treat their pets like human infants, without any care for discipline. To avoid this, it is essential that they are trained and socialized in a deliberate manner. Ideally, this should be handled by a dog trainer who has specific experience with the breed, so as to ensure effectiveness.